When things don't go the  way you planned, TRUST.  Typically the motto of my life is don't expect and don't focus on the results. As Bhagavad Gita says, perform your dharma and do not worry about the fruits of your labor. And I have realized along the years that the less I expect from anything or anyone, the more peaceful I am.  Only glitch, I forget to follow it through - many many times. 
Something similar happened this month when I worked really really hard and put my heart and soul into an upcoming event. My creative juices were flowing and I was feeling great! I had a number of new art pieces done, I was collaborating with a beautiful soul and the artist in me was super happy. Didn't matter if anyone liked what I did  or took interest or even bought my art pieces....because I was expressing my creative side fully and THAT  is what mattered.
Or did it.
Turns out,  I DID expect art lovers to like it. I DID want them to acknowledge how great my art was. And I DID want them to buy it.
That's just GREAT! There goes everything that I have learnt and practiced, down the drain.  I realized it the first evening when I didn't make many sales. Oh the sadness that filled my being. My energy just dropped!  Why did I leave everything to create art? What was I thinking?? I am not that good! I took the risk too quick, I should have just continued working and pursuing it as a hobby....blah blah blah.  My ego just needed a little nudge and in no time it took over.  My evening continued with heavy heart , a glass of wine and positive consolations from my heart to my self. Sometimes these positive consolations work and most of the time they don't. Because it is your mind telling the other part of your mind to feel positive. While your body and heart are feeling something completely different. 
My friends, that evening, it didn't work. 
So I decided to sleep it off.  And THAT works, ALWAYS.
Next morning was a brand new beautiful day. It was a day filled with GRATITUDE towards the Divine - for giving me this chance to follow my heart. It was a  day  filled with JOY - for my heart brought me closer to new friends who share the same love and passion for creative living. And it was a  day filled with TRUST - in our Universe - because our beautiful and one of a kind Universe works in mysterious ways. Ways our limited understanding cannot comprehend and shouldn't even try to.
The only thing we need to do is TRUST THE MYSTERIES OF OUR UNIVERSE. Because with TRUST comes SURRENDER. 

And with SURRENDER comes PEACE. 
~Love n light~