Everyday my trust in workings of the Divine, the Universe , God, Nature or however you want to call "the intangible", grows stronger. For me that "intangible" is our Universe. Once you open yourself to something beyond what your mind can explain , the Universe responds. Once you start trusting, not intellectually but with your whole being and with your heart, the Universe notices. ALWAYS. WITHOUT FAIL. And when you lose a sense of direction, when you feel you need guidance, the Universe sends something or someone along your way, at the right moment, to nudge you. All you need to do is ASK.
Ask YOUR intangible that you need guidance. ASK your Universe that you don't know what to do.
ASK like you would ask your mother or father - with complete trust that they will listen. ASK like you would ask your friend  - with complete confidence that you will not be ridiculed. ASK like you would ask your beloved - with utmost love, authority and knowing that you will be understood.
ASK without fear. ASK without begging. ASK with love. ASK with patience. ASK with complete trust.
All you need to do is JUST ASK.
And then forget about it. Go back to your normal routine. But keep your senses and heart completely open. Because the Universe WILL answer. And the answer will come in a flash of a second, and if you are busy listening to the stories your mind is narrating you will miss it.  Keep yourself open to the signs, the synchronicity, the coincidences, the little strange happenings around you. All of it or any of it could be your answer.  And when it is the answer, YOU WILL KNOW. It might be the strangest, weirdest thing you ever heard but it will hit you in the right spot. Your mind will tell you are crazy but your heart will feel at peace.  You will start feeling excited, joyful and it will just feel right.
And that my friends - will be the beginning of new beginnings :)
P.S - I would like to thank the Universe for blessing our house with a special guest  this past week . I needed that long conversation with her , when she shared her experiences, and  guided me to ASK the Divine. This blog post is a summary of what the Universe expressed through her and  honestly, this is what I needed to hear !
See, I told you, Universe ALWAYS ALWAYS answers :)