When you are in harmony with your own Self,  you entire being is filled with a sense of peace and inner calm. Everything around you shall seem to  flow smoothly, nothing shall feel stuck and nothing shall seem to bother you  anymore. Your life situation might not change, but your relationship to it will. Can you imagine being in this state  every moment of your day? When everything seems to flow, like river. I have had many experiences when I felt peace, bliss and joy embrace me completely. Sometimes it lasted for few seconds , sometime hours and sometime even a day. And the thing is, once you have experienced this state, your entire being can never forget it. You will long for it subconsciously. Even if you ignore that sense of peace you once  accidentally   experienced,  you will be reminded of it again and again and again....till once day you decide that  you cannot thrive without experiencing that blissful state again.  From that moment, universe will bring forth opportunities to guide you towards that state. All you need to do it recognize those opportunities and say YES !