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My dearest one,
Remember to play.
To make up your songs and fearlessly dance along
To sit under the oak tree and count fallen acorns
Remember to walk barefoot on the beach and let sand fill your toenails 
To collect sea shells, make sand castles and fearlessly chase the waves
Remember to wiggle your toes, and pause to smell the rose
To jump in a puddle, drench in the rain and make angels in the snow 

In those moments of play you’re free of the everyday worries and stresses and pain
And so eager to learn and explore and be curious rather than complainIt’s in those moments of play I can easily talk to you
Tell you my ideas, show you ALL the possibilities and even give you a 360 degree life viewSo make playfulness a part of your grown-up life,
And invite your inner child to take you on a magical journey.Do whatever gets you in this child-like wonder state
Hug your plants, play with your pups, or get glitter pens and just createMy dearest one, even if it’s for a few moments, make time for me and make time for play
Let’s do this, my dear. Every. Single. Day.Forever in you, forever around you…
p.s This is Part 1 of I am Playful essence collection, created to remind you of your child-like wonder. Print this letter and keep it with you. Read this letter especially when you’re chasing life too hard and forgetting to play!

p.p.s If someone in your life needs a nudge to play, share this blog ?