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Hey beautiful Soul!

The season of silent night, pumpkin chai lattes and snuggles is here.
Few houses in our neighborhood have their Christmas decorations up.And I’ve already watched my first Holiday movie on Netflix, Holiday in the Wild, so we’re officially in the holiday season (fyi, the ONLY reason my husband watched this entire movie was because of Manu. He’s super cute and reminded us of that day in Thailand, when we played in mud)Anyways, back to where I was.

So we all can already feel that the spirit of giving and expressing gratitude is in the air. And for the self-aware humans like us, the holiday season is especially exciting.
Because this time of the year, we set our intentions for coming year, look back on all we did and dig deeper, while snuggled in our favorite throw and sipping a cup of chai.
And somewhere in-between, we also indulge in the experience of giving, a.k.a we go shopping.
So I thought, why don't we add something else to this experience of giving?
Why not, shop in a way that ALSO raises the consciousness of our planet! ✨✨✨
This season, why don't we give back to those we love, but ALSO to the One who’s been nourishing us without any expectation.
The One who fully embodies selfless giving, non-attachment and renunciation.
The One who keeps providing for her 7 billion human children.
The ultimate Mother of ALL.
Our Mother Earth.
So I invite you to join me in a High-Vibe Conscious Shopping experience.
Where we enjoy the human experience of gift gifting, while giving our Mother Earth an extra dose of self-love.
Let’s invest in giving gifts that are:
> made with intention of love, joy and abundance
> filled with good juju that'll raise the vibration of our planet
> going to heal our Mother Earth a bit faster
Let's fully embody this Truth, that the #truecost of things is not always what we see.
So when we’re sitting by the fireplace drinking hot cocoa, singing silent night and taking a bite of pecan pie, we can look at our kids (or fur babies) in the eyes and feel good in our Soul.
If you're ready to raise the consciousness of our planet, let's get this High-Vibe Conscious Shopping experience started, shall we??
For next few weeks, I’ll share with you various intentional products (including mine)eco-friendly gifts, my favorite sustainable brands and simple tips to make this your season of selfless giving, non-attached receiving and high-vibe holidaying.
Pretty cool, huh. I know, you’re on the edge of your seat.
So I’m going to kick-off this party with this amazing eco-friendly gift guide that One Tree Planted put together!
One Tree Planted is my reforestation partner (you can see their logo in my website footer).
Which means, when you buy a product from me, I don’t plant a tree in my backyard (like my brother thought, for real), on your behalf I make a donation to One Tree Planted and select the country where trees get planted.
Right now, you & I are planting trees ? in Peru. 
I’m so stoked to be a part of these 35 eco-friendly brands they share in this holiday gift guide.

eco-friendly gifts, eco-friendly gift guide, holiday gift guide, wearable art, houston, texas, artist, loveleen saxena, divine designs, high vibe conscious shopping, one tree planted

I’ve already bookmarked this guide because I can choose to shop from any of these brands and know that I'm helping heal Mother Earth.And I would encourage you to do so too!
In fact, save this guide and share it with your friends, family, even the barista who makes your mid-afternoon chai-latte.
In the world full of shiny objects, we HAVE to bring these amazing eco-friendly high-vibe brands in front of more and more humans.
So let's start raising the consciousness of our planet and get our High-Vibe Conscious Shopping experiencestarted with this holiday gift guide
It's good for our Mother Earth and good for our Soul. 
And then comment below with your favorite finds and stay tuned for the next post!
Happy high-vibe shopping ✨​?✨

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