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We all have those humans in our lives who say “no” to pretty much every invitation. 
Be it a party, a happy hour, a weekend brunch or even stepping out for lunch.It feels like they don’t want to be a part of anything fun.Such party-poopers. To tell you the truth, I was totally “one of those party-poopers”. Especially when it came to lunch-ing out everyday. No thanks, I got my lunch” was my default answer. 

It may have been a lesson from my parents, to pack lunch. Or it was the first budgeting advise I got. Or it may have been me practicing saying "no" to what doesn't serve me.
Whatever it was, I know it made my $$$ bank account $$$ super happy.
But my gut & Soul...not so much.
Because instead of going out, I stayed in.
And for 1-hour, I immersed in the black hole of internet browsing.
I said "no" to social chitter-chatter to say "yes" to online chit-chat & retail therapy.
Eeks. Not so high-vibe.
And definitely not serving my higher purpose. 

So my body was glued to the chair for an extra hour.
My mind was filled with more “data”.

And my Soul…she felt more suffocated and shrunk, with no space to move.
Until 6 years back.
When I got a nudge from my Soul.
Or shall I say, I finally “heard” the nudge from my Soul.
It was shortly after I had started dabbling in meditation and spirituality. So maybe I had a moment of complete stillness to listen to her.
My Soul nudged me, “Go out for a walk today.”
That day I listened to her and obliged.
So I got up at noon, took the elevator, and went for a stroll, in that noisy, hot summer day in downtown Houston.
I walked for 1-hour.
My first #Soul-walk.
From one street to another, one green light to another, I just walked. And after an hour, I got back to my desk.
I must tell you, that 1-HOUR changed the course of my life.
Because in that 1-hour, my Soul got to breathe.
She felt free, joyful & light.
And so did my human.
In that 1-hour my Soul found the solitude she had been yearning, for years.
She had been waiting and waiting and waiting for me, to give her space and let her breathe
So she could light the path for me. And share with me all the plans she had for me.
So she could guide me on all the divine treasures I was meant to create.
After that, I went for a Soul-walk EVERY. SINGLE. WORK-DAY.
In those 1-hour lunches I listened to my Soul and followed her guidance.
I immersed in this mid-afternoon solitude, in the middle of noisy downtown Houston.
I walked and listened to my Soul. Like an obedient child.
That was the beginning of a new adventure – of Spontaneous Expression. Of Intuitive Art. Of Lifestyle pieces that'll spread joy and beauty.
Who knew! My human, ofcourse, didn’t.

I could have never imagined this path for myself, if it wasn’t for my Soul’s guidance and courage.
Sometimes I do wonder…
What if I hadn’t been a party-pooper?
And had said yes to every invitation instead.
What if I hadn’t taken those 1-hour Soul-walks?
And binged watched random videos instead.
What if I hadn’t listened to my Soul?
And kept doing the same thing again and again.
Instead of creating wearable art, I might still be crunching numbers.
Instead of living in tune with my Truth, I might still be “happy” outside and “lost” within.
Would have I created these divine treasures?
Probably not. Because my mind can’t conceive these on it’s own.
The simple act of listening to a Soul nudge and following her transformed my entire future.
The simple act of a Soul-walk brought into this world so many divine designs, which would still be hanging out in the ether, if my human kept herself busy binge watching.
The simple act that changed everything. 
Beautiful one, the only reason I’m sharing this, is to ask you…
Do you go for Soul-walks?
Do you listen to your Soul’s nudge?
Do you give yourself some space for solitude so you can listen to Her?
If not, be a little “party pooper”, the high-vibe kind.
Go for a Soul-walk.
Give your Soul time and space to breathe.
Listen to Her.
She has a lot to say to you.
A lot to teach you.
Follow Her.
And watch your life unfold in magical ways. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Next time when you do go for a Soul-walk, post a picture on your instagram and tag me.
And then go again the next day. And the next. And the next.
Go for a #Soul-walk for life.
You, me, all of us...Soul-walking our way to our Divinity.
Much love, 

bohemian art, wearable art, houston, texas, artist, loveleen saxena, divine designs, sustainable lifestyle, lenzing modal

p.s. This picture taken by Nasim Hoomanrad 
p.p.s What I'm wearing "Nature is my ZEN place - modal scarf" that celebrates "I am PEACE"