Eventbrite - Learn 3 ways to make your Holiday gift wrapping "waste-free"

​Holiday season is the time for love, family, togetherness and joy.
But it's also a trashy time for our planet. Yup.
Why? Because this time of the year, 25% more trash is produced in our country.
Based on a study by Stanford University, in US around 25 million tons of extra garbage is produced during the holiday season!So ALL the work we do all year around to recycle and save the planet - well, it ends up in "trash".
But if every family wrapped just 3 presents in re-used materials, it would save enough paper to cover 45,000 football fields!
So that's what we will learn to do in this workshop!
I will teach you 3 different ways to wrap your beautiful presents without using any gift wrapping paper. Not only you will leave no waste post Christmas, your family and our mother nature will give you extra points for being so kind to the planet.
AND no more spending $$ on gift wrapping every year.
Money saved here = money invested elsewhere.
Imagine a crisp Christmas morning where the ritual of opening those presents no longer includes a chore of cleaning up the post gift-opening MESS!!
And all the time you save you can spend with your family.
Because that's what Christmas is for - family and fun and togetherness.
Join me and learn to wrap your presents with love not trash. And let's together celebrate a Holiday season full of love for the family and for the planet.
- Tea and vegan munchies included
- Craft area for kids > 3
- Kids under 3 FREE (please bring snacks for the kids)
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​Sponsored by: ZILPINI....bringing JOY to the community through ART