In today’s fast paced world of deadlines, competition, technology and information overload, being your best all the time and delivering the best and perfect product or service is considered to be a necessity for survival. Perfection is the key to success. Be it our home, our profession or our personal life, we all are always on the lookout for something new, outside of us, to help us reach that level of perfection.How many of us can relate to this -
- We are always working till last minute to have everything perfect for our presentation or report. We skip lunches, work till late because even one tiny mistake would be the end of our career.
- We spend endless hours trying to have the perfectly organized home.
- We spend hours to dress up for our date because we want to present our best self. Who knows, that person might be the “one”.These are just a few examples of how striving for perfection shows up in our lives. The list goes on. In the end we are always running and chasing “that” which will make us content and our lives perfect. All at the cost of our health and wellness. All at the cost of our uniqueness.
But what if it was different? 
What if the way we live completely embraces who we are – the imperfect, improper, clumsy and beautiful mess. What if we stopped stressing about having a perfectly organized home and do what we can. What if we stop working till last minute and skipping meals because we enjoy taking care of our body. What if we stop hiding every freckle, wrinkle and spot on our face because beauty is impermanent and fleeting.
What if we all start embracing our human-ness and messiness.
All we need to do is observe and learn from nature – where everything is unique and imperfect externally but inside it is all perfect. Where everything happens when it is ready and nothing is on a deadline. Where everything is co-existing and not competing. Where everyone has a unique role to play and a unique gift to express.
Our nature is Creation manifested in our physical world. And so are we. 
How do we embody this truth though? How do we begin to embrace our human-ness? Through creativity and play. Through embracing our inner child – who loves to enjoy and play because it is fun! Creativity helps us bloom. It helps us enjoy the present moment. It opens us up to new possibilities and explorations that we have forgotten while trying to be perfect. Creativity asks us to be spontaneous. It demands presence and receptivity. It demands forgiveness and kindness – to our own selves.
And that is what we did in the two hour workshop on The Art of being Imperfectly Perfect. For two hours we went back into our childhood – we played with colors, we made a mess, we let our minds go to sleep mode while we let our heart and soul take charge. We drew shapes, lines and dots that had no logic or reason but just because our intuition wanted us to. We learned about body awareness – how our body is a perfect tool for us and always giving us signals. We learned how to recognize resistance when we feel it and how to release it. We learned to affirm what we want to bring into our life. We shared our stories and imperfections while expressing them on paper. We explored what beauty means to us. We relaxed in the comfort of our own imperfections and weirdness.

For two hours, we embraced who we are – the perfect child of God. And we left with the knowing that we are all perfect as we are – at this very moment.

* Special thanks to Royal Tart for providing us with delicious vegan treats and Red Publication for sponsoring our workshop!