of the most awaited countries of our backpacking adventure. Why? Wildlife of course! The anticipation to witness these nature's wonders in their home was making us restless and excited. I can't even recall for how many years we have waited for this experience. And now we were here! We couldn't wait to start our ten day safari experience and visit few of the many natural wonders. Our safari included game drives in Samburu National Reserve, Lake Nakuru, Lake Naivasha, the famous Masai Mara National Park and Amboseli National Park.
I will be posting blogs for each of these stop will be really really hard to select a few pictures since we have taken thousands in these parks. But I will try my best to give a glimpse of these beautiful and extraordinary beings that are only found in this continent in their "natural habitat".
The company we booked for our safari was Kenya Walking Safari. Being a budget traveler, one of the hardest part was finding a safari company that would fit in our budget and give us an experience of a lifetime. The thing is, seems like these safari companies mostly cater tourists that want luxurious experiences. For backpackers like us, they still have a long way to go. We were paying $300/day for both of us....and for us that was a lot to start with. But in safari world....well for that cost if you get a tented camp which will not fall down, you are lucky! Fortunately the company we booked turned out pretty good! Of course we had our few ups and downs but overall we were really happy with them. The guide was very informative and the chef that accompanied the guide was amazing cook! And most of the places we stayed were permanent structures :P
We spent quiet a lot of time in the car while driving from one place to another. So we had a lot of bonding time with our guide and chef. I had no idea polygamy is common in Kenya! And another interesting fact....the groom has to offer some sort of monetary compensation to the bride's could be money or even cows! :D
Below is a glimpse of our long drives thru different destinations.
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