Da Nang - a small beach town in Viet Nam. Our stay in this beautiful town was short and sweet. We spent a day exploring the beaches, walking along the shore, and sitting in stillness absorbing the quietness of this place. When the sun set we started to walk back to our hotel. It was just another day in paradise.
And then....memories were made. While walking back we were greeted by two young women who started asking us about our travel. They both were vibrant, motivated and full of life. Even though we were skeptical in the beginning, there was this innocence in their behavior that we couldn't help but continue the conversation. We learnt they were pursuing their studies in a nearby college. We spent almost an hour sharing our travel experience, our stories, learning about them and their culture. It was so refreshing to meet college students who were eager to meet new people and learn about their culture. By the time we left, we had new memories made.
That's the thing about memories - they are made by moments, special moments like these. And that's what I am loving about backpacking....because it's giving us so many moments which will stay with us forever!
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