Visit to Viti Levu is not complete without touring the Garden of Sleeping Giant. If you have mountains and hills in your town, probably you will have the profile of one of those mountains resembling a Sleeping Giant. Fiji is not an exception :) The Garden was established in the vicinity so hence its name. We took a tour of the garden and it was spectacular!
The same day we visited two other well known tourist spots near Nadi - taking a bath in the miraculous Mud Pool (which makes you look ten years younger :D) and Zip lining in the forest. Mud pool bath was quiet an experience. You cover yourself in this special mud that has healing properties and makes your skin glow. Once the mud dries you clean yourself up in the mud pool and then take a dip in the natural hot spring. Overall, it was a great experience and it really relaxed us after our strenous past week of vacation! :)
Zip lining was another mini was the first time we both ziplined. It was scary for me in the beginning but after a while I really enjoyed it. Check out the pics of our mini adventures below!
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