It was a beautiful morning when we took off for our day cruise to Savala island....a small island in a cluster of 333 islands in Fiji. The day was filled with many activities - kayaking, canoeing, snorkeling and glass bottom boat ride to watch coral reefs for folks like me :) It took us one hour in the boat to reach the island. We spent the entire day in the water, eating, enjoying some folk music and demonstration by locals. Surendar had a great time snorkeling in the ocean. Time flew. As we were about to head back, we could see the sky turning grey and fast approaching our island. It was a spectacular view. Few minutes later, it started pouring hard. The storm had hit the island and we had to take the little boat back to the big one in this rain and was scary. The waves were high, we were completely soaked as it poured and almost filled our boat with water. Those fifteen minutes to the big boat were the longest, scariest and most adventurous minutes. We took a deep breath when we reached safely in our boat. What a day at the island! We surely are going to remember this one :D
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