Along the shores of Lake Victoria, hidden from the tourism madness, lies a small town called Mbita. The hills and the lake embrace this town and have played a big role in protecting it's innocence and rustic charm. In this little town, is a group of young and passionate individuals who have dedicated their lives to empowering their community by eradicating the challenges such as poverty, lack of education and lack of healthy environment. For a town that lacks supply of fresh water, electricity, good schools and basic infrastructure, this task is not easy. But that has not stopped these beautiful souls. Everyday, they spend most of their waking hours working on projects they have established to achieve their goals.
In 2007, group of these individuals decided they had to take some drastic steps to bring about change in their community. That is how HOPE LINK CHILD, KENYA ( was born. They have come a long way in this eight years. They run a school called Hope Link School that aims to fulfill basic health and education needs of the underprivileged children in their community. They are running an Organic Life Response Project, which aims at implementing organic and sustainable techniques to grow food and improve the lives of locals by teaching and providing them with healthy alternatives. They also have a Community Capacity Building Program that organizes workshops and classes to empower the locals with leadership and other skills. Two of their members craft beautiful baskets and wooden sculptures that they plan on selling and teaching how to make.
David Orato, the project coordinator was my point of contact for our visit to their town to help this organization. We spent some time with him and his group, learning about their organization, visiting their farm and discussing the goals and future of HOPE LINK CHILD. He was kind enough to invite us to have delicious home cooked meal as well!
As many other non-profits, their organization struggles to achieve financial stability that will enable them to continue working on their goals. That is where we all can help. It is the small organizations like this, who dream big and are not afraid of failure, that can help resolve many major issues faced by our communities today. I invite you to check out their organization and support them. This support can be monetary or by spending time volunteering or even sharing information about this organization with your family and friends.
Below is the important information-
Please make donations to -
Name: Hope Link Development Project Account number: 0760196475894
Bank: Equity Bank / Mbita Branch
Swift Code: EQBLKENA
Branch Code: 076 / Bank Code: 068
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