We spent a day with these beautiful children living in an orphanage in Nairobi. Some of them were in this orphanage because they had lost their parents and some because their parents could not support them. As much as it was heartbreaking to see these children not being able to live with their family due to some unfortunate circumstances, there was not a moment we felt any ounce of sadness in them. The love and smiles they showered on us was tremendous. They all were joyful and sometimes mischievous. They shared with us their dreams and aspirations, like any other kid of their age. They had the same innocence as any other kid would during childhood. They danced, played and sang with us. When it was time for us to leave, they sent us off in such loving manner that our hearts felt heavy with sadness.
On our way to the orphanage, we requested the cab driver to stop and help us buy fruits, bread, biscuits and juice for these children. Most of the times these children are able to eat chapattis with beans or sometimes just chapatti. Occasionally when they have visitors who bring fruits, juice and bread, it's a treat for them.
Someone who was kind and passionate about helping underprivileged children opened this shelter to provide them roof and food. But due to lack to continuous financial support, the living condition is not very hygienic. Education is provided but very basic. And this is one of the many orphanages in this world. Some are doing better, some worse.
Such experiences make me wonder what kind of a world we live in. On one hand we have children who are picky about anything and everything they are provided and on the other hand there are children like these....who long for moments when they can demand something from a loved one. Why such contrast exists in this world is beyond my understanding. Can someone explain?
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