Happy Holi everyone!!!
Whether or not you celebrate this Indian festival, I bet you've seen (and even participated) in a version of it.
Think "Color Run" without the run. 
Unless you run when someone's chasing you with water balloons.
Been there. Done that. 
This morning as I was calling and wishing my friends and family a very colorful Holi, I remembered something. ​

Holi was always my favorite festival growing up.
And today I realized why:

  1. Holi reminded me that Spring is here & exams are almost over!!! There was freedom and freshness in the air. Birds, bees & flowers confirmed that too
  2. I didn't have to dress up for this festival, instead I could wear my worn out jeans and tee (a.k.a most comfy clothes) to celebrate it
  3. Every market was filled with colors! Bright, bold colors - red, yellow, pink, green. Free color therapy!
  4. And anyone I met during this festival was always cheerful & in their true element (except for that auntie who got really mad at us cause my brother threw a water balloon at her...sorry auntie! We would NOT do that now. NEVER)

Anyhoo, that day, everyone unleashed their inner child. No matter what age or stage. And our small world became colorful & light.
That's why Holi was always so much fun!!!!
If you're still unclear about this festival, this pic from 2008 will give you a better idea :) 


So this morning, as I was chatting, I started feeling nostalgic and energized, both at the same time.
And I realized, whether it's Holi or not, there ARE ways we can make our everyday life colorful, fun and light.
Just like during Holi!
Especially if we're feeling dull, uninspired, bored or dreary, it would help us overcome those not-so-happy feelings. 
So I decided to write this blog & share with you three simple ways I add color & lightness into my life (no matter what season). And it works.
Note: If you're feeling dull, dreary or uninspired, you need to be doing some inner work. Because something is out of tune. And these simple ways can bring clarity and lightness into your life, which makes it easy to do inner work
Three simple ways to add color into your life:

1. Grow some flowers

Yup. You need some flowers in your life. And I don't mean cut flowers, you need to get a small pot and plant some flowers.
And keep them in the place where you spend a lot of your time.
You need to water them, pamper them and watch them bloom.
If you're thinking, well I can't do this, I have a black thumb! You don't. It's just an excuse.
You haven't given enough attention and love to those plants. 
Flowers are the perfect example of nature's beauty, purity and service.
And there's nothing that brings pure joy than watching them grow and bloom.
​Plus they add life & color to any space!


2. Pop up your space with colorful art & accent pillows

I'm one of those who keeps changing our home decor to let the stuck energy flow.
Plus making simple changes adds vibrancy to any space.
Like if your couch is plain or old, just adding a pop of color with accent pillows can completely change the way it feels & looks.
Plus pillows are a great conversation starter.
Adding colorful art does wonders too. Find an artwork that inspires & uplifts you and add it to your space. 
Especially where you spend most of your waking hours. If you need some inspiration or new art, click here. 
You might not know but your environment plays a very important role in how you operate, feel, think and work. 
If your home/office is cluttered, dull or too plain, it will subconsciously bring lack of clarity or drain you or make you anxious.
Look around your home & notice how you feel. Do your surroundings make you feel heavy? If so, you need to change things up. That's why regular de-cluttering of your space is so essential. And you need to catch up on Marie Kondo's Netflix series!

Colorful Art

3. Be a wardrobe detective

You need to take a look at your wardrobe. And notice how it makes you feel.
Does it inspire you?
Or makes you wanna cry for help.
What about the colors your wear?
Do they bring you down or make you smile?
Having a huge wardrobe is not the point. Point is to have those things that bring you joy.
Your clothes need to match you energetically. They need to reflect and embody your true essence. 
I barely shopped from 2015-2018 because I wanted invest in pieces that match my values (sustainable, ethical, fair trade). And every year my husband & I de-clutter our closet and get rid of everything that doesn't bring us joy.
It not only makes it possible to fit all our clothes in one closet, we both feel so much lighter every time we do it.
And last year, I decided to invest in clothes that really speak to me. Plus I launched my clothing line that added a lot of creative, bold & colorful pieces to my wardrobe.
So you need to do some detective work in the clothes department. Remove what feels heavy & add a piece or two that brightens you up!
And if you need some colorful addition to your wardrobe, I got you covered!

Style of Kimono

So there it is. 
Three simple ways that'll help you overcome dullness! 
It all comes down to self-awareness and self-love. When you're aware of how you're feeling, it's easier to find a solution that works for you.
When I start feeling stuck or need some inspiration, I do one of these things and it totally works!
I get back in the flow, get new ideas and just feel more alive instantly.
Now I would love to hear from you! 
  • Which of these 3 ways sound exciting to you? 
  • Or do you have a 4th way you add color to your life? 
  • What step are you going to take to overcome dullness & bring more color into your life?
  • Any fun Holi memories you want to share?!
Hop in the comments below and let me know! 
Here's to our colorful & vibrant life, no matter what age, stage or season...
~be love~be you~
p.s (fashion photo credit: Nasim Hoomanrad)