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In Your presence I become peace
I become love & I flow with ease
All my worries fade away
And all I want to do is playI pause and breathe and let it all in
And ask You softly where have you been?
I look for You everywhere!
But You only show up when I'm here

You gently whisper, oh My Dear
It's here that you feel My presence so clear
I'm with you ALWAYSBe it the suburb or the crowd
But you can't feel Me in that constant chatter all around
I wait for you to silence your phone
Be in the stillness and get in the zone
I even nudge you in My playful ways
But you always run to google in your haze!
So I sit back and patiently wait
Hoping you'll be here on a self-love date
In the stillness of My Creation
You seek Me first
So it's easy for Me to talk to you
And to shower you with My love
I miss you everyday
More than you know
And once you learn to be still wherever you are
You'll feel my presence
Everywhere you go
~be love~be you~