Hey Divine Being!
It’s Jan 6th of 2020 – a new year and a new decade.
New Year might have technically started last week.
But today is the 1st Monday of the new year.
And Mondays means business.So officially New Year starts today.School buses are filled with kids napping and yawning.
There’s more caffeine on the roads than gasoline.
You have to wait in line to get on the treadmill.
And day-planners are sold-out everywhere.

As I sat down on our breakfast table this morning to write a blog, my mind started to chatter away….

I should’ve written this blog last week. Or the week before”
Isn’t it kinda late to share my holiday ritual? It’s Jan 6th now. No one will read it”
There are too many blogs out there about how to spend your holidays. What new stuff am I going to say anyway?”
Why don’t I use this time to make more art? What difference is my blog going to make”I patiently listened to my mind listing all these logical reasons why I shouldn’t write this blog.But I’ve come a long way.
To know this is my old-mindset, trying to keep me in the comfort zone.
So I continued listening to my mind while sipping my second cup of coffee.After a while, when there were no more logical reasons left, my mind became quiet.
And I moved on to writing a blog for you.About my end-of-the-year holiday ritual.

Because I know, in my heart and Soul...what ends up in this blog,
Might or might not be epic, but it’ll be unique.
Because there’s only one of me.
Might not be everyone’s kinda thing, but it might be yours. And that’s enough.
Because this might be exactly what you need at this very moment.
Might be too late for the holidays, but it’ll be timeless and evergreen.
Because every day is the day to start afresh.Now, about my end-of-the-year holiday ritual.
A sacred holiday ritual, that you can do anytime of the year.It’s intention is to help you tap into your intuition.
And create your vision from a state of child-like wonder. It’s simple. It’s fun. It’s meditative.
It’s meant to create ease and flow.It requires no prior art experience.
It does require a lot of color pencils and pens.
And some me-time to immerse in it with open heart.This ritual includes a few drawings (see below) 
Each with a specific intention.
1. To help you let go.
2. To nudge you to be grateful.
3. To guide you to envision your solo-vision.
4. To help you envision your collective vision (with your partner/kids/biz partner) 


Each drawing is filled with intricate patterns and lots of blank spaces.
The intricate patterns are for you to color in your unique way.
And the blank spaces are for you to write your intention, your vision and your soul-words. And when you’re done, you save these drawings.
You display them where you can see them every day (except for #1 drawing, I usually tear it and compost it)
Or keep them safe in your sacred space, and forget about them (that’s what I usually do)

And after a year, you take them out and reflect on what you wrote.
Look back at all the things you’ve been grateful for.
And be in awe of all the ways you’ve evolved.And then you repeat the ritual again. Next year.In few years you’ll have unique versions of same drawings.
All made by different versions of you.
All with different vision, different intentions, different soul-words.This process is beautiful. Magical. Cosmic.I’ve been doing this ritual unofficially for past 3 years.
It was a fun activity I came up with in 2016, because resolutions were no longer sticking with me. And coloring + writing together gets me in the child-like zone easy.I’ve immersed in this ritual solo. With my soul-sister. With my husband. And this year my parents also joined.I cherish this ritual dearly.
Because there’s something about sitting down with these drawings (alone or with your soul-sister/partner/kids), making a cup of tea, grabbing some color pens & pencils and getting in the zone.The process of coloring/writing together invokes a child-like wonder of ease and flow.
And in that zone, whatever we say or do gets easily imprinted on the Universe.
Because we’re having fun with it.
Not suffocating it.
We’re reflecting on life-stuff with ease.
Not stress.
We’re envisioning our future with flow.
Not anxiety.In that flow and child-like wonder, our intentions, our vision and our soul-words come straight from the Source (our intuition) instead of our ego telling us all the things we “should” do coming year.And manifesting things is easier when you’re in partnership with the Source.So if you’re curious to make this magical, fun and unique ritual yours, I encourage you to get these drawings now!
Because till Jan 15th, 2020, I am offering them as “Pay what you desire”.
After that, they’ll be an investment of at least $300 for the digital version.Steps to get these drawings are super easy.

Click this link > Send the amount that feels good for you > I’ll email you the printable version of these 4 drawings.And then you’re free to download and print as many copies, block some me-time (or get your partner/kiddos), get lots of colors & be ready to step into your child-like wonder of possibilities.And if not sure about all this, below are a few pictures from our ritual right before end of 2019.
Just fyi, my husband doesn’t usually draw or color but he loves this ritual and totally gets in his child-like zone.

My desire for you is to create your vision in such a way that it gets imprinted on the Universe and stays in your heart.
And doesn't get lost in one of your journal pages or loses momentum because it wasn't in tune with your intuition.
This is a fun, colorful way of creating your vision and I'm sharing it because I've been doing it myself. I hope you enjoy creating your own version of these drawings and seeing them come to life over the course of this year. Much love,

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Pay what you desire and I'll email you all 4 drawings.
This offer is valid through Jan 15, 2020, 11.59 pm CST.