Beautiful ones, EARTH MONTH might have passed...but our love & care for this Super Mom doesn't need to ?
It's so easy for us as a society to move on to the next thing and the next. But it's the consistency, simplicity and persistence that changes the world.
In this case, it's our daily actions inside out that are gonna help Mother Earth heal.
That's why, I decided to sprinkle [Earth Month] customer spotlights way past Earth Month.
So here it is again. Interview #2 with another special Soul, a dear friend and customer.
I hope her wisdom & love for our planet inspires you to do your best in giving back and loving our planet a bit more.

Interview #2 with Lindsay Breaux!

earth month customer spotlight-lindsay

A little bit about Lindsay...


Lindsay is a Landscape Designer, Horticulturist based in Boise, ID, specializing in creating outdoor sanctuaries to rejuvenate your body, mind and Soul. 

Incorporating permaculture, sustainable design & living, she creates beautiful 4-season xeriscapes. 

From Zen gardens, to meditation and yoga gardens to edible landscapes & everything in between, the gardens and landscapes she creates will make you spend more time outdoors! 

earth month customer spotlight-lindsay

I asked Lindsay a few questions to share her love for Mother Earth with you. So read on!


Question 1: What does it mean for you to Live in Harmony with Mother Nature?


"To me, living in harmony with mother nature means treating her like a beloved family member, (my spirit grandmother, perhaps). Honoring her, taking care of her and nurturing her in the same ways she does for all of life here on the planet."


earth month customer spotlight-lindsay

Question 2: We’re imperfectly Perfect. And loving Mother Nature doesn’t have to be perfect either :) It’s the intention that matters. I’d love to know what actions you take in your daily life to show love for Mother Earth? 


"I do this by being in nature everyday and giving thanks to her in prayer & meditation. One of my goals as a landscape designer & Horticulturist is to design outdoor spaces that reflect my client's desires and personalities in ways that make it impossible for them not to spend more time outside. I create irresistible sanctuaries to feed and rejuvenate their souls. Creating space for people to BE in nature is more important today than it ever has been. It's one of the ways I help bring people closer to themselves and closer to nature."

earth month customer spotlight-lindsay

"In my own landscape and while I walk and hike I often thank the plants for existing, growing and doing all of the things they do for us. I have flowers I talk to every year when they pop up... I tell them how beautiful they are and its extraordinary how they become more & more beautiful each new day."


"I think we all have this opportunity to be our best selves every day, a new opportunity for growth and expansion. We get to be in service to others just like the sun is to the flower & the flower is to the bee and so on...without expectation or an "I owe you". Nature works symbiotically to enhance and support life on earth. It's pretty inspiring when you really understand the layers and layers of macro and micro relationships going on to make life happen in a sustainable way. It's the perfect role model for loving, nurturing & expansive without expectation in each moment of each day."

"Now, if that doesn't make you want to go out and hug a tree I don't know what will ? Better yet, buy Loveleen's beautiful, sustainable products and she'll go plant trees for you & tell nature thank you today?"


earth month customer spotlight-lindsay


Question 3: If there was one thing all humans could do, to help Mother Earth heal faster, what would that be?


"Being in gratitude for all life is one of the biggest things we can do as humans."

"Of course, recycling, reducing plastics, toxic waste, chemicals that kill microbials in the soil are all extremely important. Supporting pollinators & trusting that ALL life has purpose and meaning even when we don't understand it. Wasps are a wonderful example here. They are easy to discard and even hate but they serve many purposes from pollination to important population control and more. It's interesting that some wasp species come equipped with the ability of facial, whether you are trying to kill them or offer them support, they remember your face. It changes that dynamic slightly.

"Living peacefully is a delicate balance... we have to be better about staying in our own lanes. Humans are so invasive and destructive of so much... especially things we don't understand."

"If I could give one gift to our species to help mother earth heal it would be the gift of love and let what you don't understand and trust there is always a higher purpose it serves & let it be. Just because we don't understand something doesn't make it without purpose."


earth month customer spotlight-lindsay

Question 4: So if someone is looking to create an outside sanctuary, how do they contact you? 


The best way to contact me is via my Facebook page Omniscape Designs LLC. 

earth month customer spotlight-lindsay

Question 5: And lastly....what's your favorite Designs by Loveleen goodie :) 


"I love all Loveleen Designs! My favorites are her journals and beautiful scarves!"

earth month customer spotlight-lindsay
Thank you Lindsay for all the ways you love Mother nature and all the Soul sanctuaries you're creating! 
Everyone, loving Mother Earth is an inside out job. And even a simple thing as showing love to flowers, trusting everything created has a purpose and giving thanks goes long way.
I hope this spotlight sparks creative ways you give back more to Mother Earth. And if you're looking to create an outdoor sanctuary, you know who to contact :)
Do leave a comment below and share ways you take care of our planet ?
Much love,
p.s What's Earth Month customer spotlight series?
In addition to my effort of planting trees and striving to live in harmony, I thought I'll celebrate Earth Month 2022 by interviewing a few of my amazing customers who LOVE Mother Nature and take care of Her in their own unique ways. The idea is to nudge you that it's the million imperfect daily actions that are gonna help her rather than perfect few. Loving Mother Earth is an inside out job. And we ALL have the power to give her some extra. So go take some imperfectly perfect actions ??
p.p.s All these gorgeous photos are by Lindsay Breaux