It's EARTH MONTH beautiful ones! ?
And although every day is Earth Day, and it's our responsibility to take care of Mother Earth each & every day, why not take this time to send her some extra love?
So I thought, I'll do something different this year.
In addition to my effort of planting trees and striving to live in harmony, I thought why not interview a few of my amazing customers who LOVE Mother Nature and take care of Her in their own unique ways?
So here it is. A series of interviews for you.
Every blog I will share one interview with a special Soul.
I hope you enjoy how they share love for Mother Earth and hope it inspires you to elevate how you take care of her :)

First up is my interview with Divya Patel!

earth month customer spotlight

A little bit about Divya...

Divya is a California based Sound Healer & an expert in Breathwork. 
She shares the gift of mindfulness with others to help them awaken their inner guidance and heal their physical and emotional pain.
She has been a Kundalini Yoga instructor since 2017, and has tremendous knowledge of anatomy and the chakras, as well as conscious living skills and techniques.
She also uses Essential Oils, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique a.k.a Tapping), and energy work to enhance the benefits for her clients.
Her strength is her intuition. It helps her identify what her clients need in the moment. Sometimes it's the emotions that need to be cleared, and sometimes it's helping them connect with their own energy or intuition.
earth month customer spotlight
I asked Divya a few questions to share her love for Mother Earth with you. So read on!

Question 1: What does it mean for you to Live in Harmony with Mother Nature?


"I feel it’s a privilege. She is abundant in giving all her gifts to us unconditionally. I live in harmony every day by honoring her daily. I thank her for these beautiful gifts such as the air we breathe, grounds we walk, and so many more. I try to find ways to give back to her daily."

earth month customer spotlight

Question 2: We’re imperfectly Perfect. And loving Mother Nature doesn’t have to be perfect either :) It’s the intention that matters. I’d love to know what actions you take in your daily life to show love for Mother Earth? 


"One of my practices is a prayer for Her healing in the morning and also giving Gratitude for another day to be blessed by her. I think when we honor or give gratitude to nature it returns it back to us in so many ways in our life. 

Another way I give back to her is by planting trees.

Every time I hold a sound healing Session part of my profit goes to reforestation of the world.

My next step is to get involved in saving our soil. It’s all begins from the soil. We need to become conscious of what is being put in it. "

earth month customer spotlight


Question 3: If there was one thing all humans could do, to help Mother Earth heal faster, what would that be?


"I would say please do your part in cleaning up the mess we as humans have made. There are many ways to take part in healing her. Making a decision starts with something simple as planting a tree. Let’s just send love to her the way she loves us unconditionally. "


earth month customer spotlight

Question 4: Where are your Sound Healing sessions held? How do we sign up? 


My Sound healing sessions are held every 1st and 3rd Friday for Women in the city of Yorba Linda CA.

Group, private and 1:1 sessions are also available. You can follow me on Instagram for upcoming sessions! 


Question 5: And lastly....what's your favorite Designs by Loveleen goodie :) 


"I love all of Loveleen’s products. Every time I wear any of the scarves, it brings the intention of that scarf to my day and my body. I use the journal to set the intention for the day."

earth month customer spotlight
earth month customer spotlight
Thank you Divya for your wisdom & all the ways you're giving back to nature.
Everyone, loving Mother Earth is an inside out job. Both go hand in hand. And even a simple thing as praying for her and expressing gratitude goes long way.
I hope this spotlight sparks creative ways you give back more to Mother Earth. 
Do leave a comment below and share ways you take care of our planet!
Much love,