Lenzing Modal Fabric

A Comprehensive Overview of Everything To Know About Lenzing Modal Fabric

Are you looking to buy high a quality fabric that feels soft to the touch?  Either for yourself or a loved one?

Chances are that you have come across Lenzing Modal at some point (which is likely what brought you to this article).  We’ve put together a comprehensive history of the fabric on this page. This post takes a close look at Lenzing Modal so that you can understand just how important it is to the textile industry, and how using fabric that is made from beech wood pulp simply is more eco-friendly.

In many ways, lenzing modal has been a major contributor to a much more ecological and earth-friendly approach within the fabric and textiles industry.  So let’s dive right in!


Lenzing Modal fabric is made in Lenzing, Austria.  It is made primarily of threads that are made with the pulp of beechwood trees. 


Beechwood trees are harvested from sustainable sources which include both plantations and natural forests. Once harvested, the raw wood is broken into fragments which are in turn converted into pulp. The pulp is then spun into fibers and thread which can be used to make fabric.  The natural fibers in the beechwood allow for the creation of a strong, soft, sustainable fabric. 


Lenzing is a company that got it’s start producing paper in 1892.  The company was introduced to the idea of making this fabric after learning in the 1950s that a Japanese company had created an affordable substitute for cotton. Lenzing started producing the unique modal fabric in the 1960s.

The fabric is super soft, twice as water-absorbent as cotton, and long-lasting.



Unlike bamboo and rayon which can use unsustainable practices, Lenzing Modal fabric is made from renewable beechwood trees.  These are fast growing trees which makes the practice sustainable and better for the environment.

Lenzing is the Austrian company behind the sustainable fabric. Lenzing focuses on clean manufacturing and relies on renewable beech trees to.

In order to produce Lenzing Modal fabric, 80% of solvents are reused.

The non-toxic by-products are made into second level consumables like cleaning products.

The final product has a silky feel and is made without using any harmful chemicals and pesticides.

Is Lenzing Modal A Kind Of Cotton?

Although Lenzing Modal was made to replace cotton, the two fabrics have many different features.They undergo different manufacturing processes and are made using different plants. Hence, the two should not be considered the same fabric.

How Soft Is Lenzing Modal?

Many people will say that Lenzing Modal fabric is a lot silkier and softer when compared with regular cotton.

Even though there are premium cotton options like Egyptian and Pima (which are considered soft), Lenzing Modal fabric is generally regarded as very soft to the touch.

Beechwood chips undergo a chemical process to turn into fibers which and are spun into yarn.

The end result is a fabric that is, for many people, a lot softer than cotton.

The processes Lenzing uses to make their modal fabric can also utilize different weaving structures.

As with all thread/yarn spun woven into sheets of fabric, the texture and sheen of the fabric can be different, which can affect the softness, depending on the weaving structures used.

Lenzing Modal Vs Cotton: Which Is Better?

Look at the labels of some of the softest clothing and you will start to notice that many items feature Lenzing Modal fabric.

Its softness is simply hard to beat, which is why many people prefer it as an ideal fabric for their skin.

Besides softness, there are many other differences between Lenzing Modal and Cotton. Here are some of the things that Lenzing Modal offers.

1. Better for the Environment And Mother Earth 

One of the main areas where Lenzing Modal shines the brightest is sustainability. It is arguably better for the environment than many of the processes used in growing and making clothing from cotton. The advanced textile manufacturing practices used by Lenzing do not rely on toxic chemicals. The process of making Lenzing modal can use much as ten times less water in comparison with some of the practices used when making traditional cotton.

Lenzing Modal is also very durable and long-lasting, which, over time, can result in less waste.

When it is time to let go of items made from lenzing modal, they can fully biodegrade in months and years, rather than decades.  This is not the case with many other kinds of fabrics, particularly those made from petroleum based fabrics.

In addition to using more water for production, many of the processes used in the processing of cotton can dump dangerous chemicals and dyes into groundwater sources, as well as water sources that affect marine life. This is not the case with Lenzing Modal, which is, generally speaking, a much more sustainable option.

2. Better to Wear

Many people will say that Lenzing Modal feels better to wear than cotton. Besides it’s softness, it offers amazing moisture-wicking abilities. Lenzing modal is absorbent because it contains micro-pores which soak up moisture rapidly. Cotton holds moisture for longer periods of time, which makes it unable to absorb more moisture once it’s damp. From this perspective, in a contest between lenzing modal and cotton for workout gear, Lenzing Modal would be a better option.

Lenzing modal is very much a breathable fabric. It features a silky surface, which might lead you to believe that it would allow less airflow, it undergoes a process that creates a breathable fabric.

Cotton tends to have a thicker weave which leads to more body heat being trapped.

3. Better as a Gift for Someone

If you are thinking of gifting something made from an eco-friendly fabric, Lenzing Modal is a great option because it is very soft and non-toxic. Plus has a luxurious feel to it. 

When lenzing modal is used as the fabric for your gift they will be receiving a gift which is durable. The tough fibers last longer, so they can cherish your gift longer. Lenzing Modal fabric remains color-fast, unlike cotton which can have colors fading after washing.  Through proper care, Lenzing Modal can last many years and retain a new look and feel, even after it has been worn for an extended period of time. The same cannot be said about cotton.

What Is The Difference Between Modal And Lenzing Modal Fabric?

There isn’t really a difference between Modal and Lenzing Modal fabric. In the 1950’s, Modal was developed in Japan.  “Lenzing” is the name of the company that produces most of the modal in use today – an Austrian company called Lenzing AG.  Lenzing AG has multiple brands including:

  • Lenzing Modal
  • China Modal
  • Formatex
  • MicroModal (a lighter finer-knit version of Modal)
  • “Modal Air by Lenzing” (an even finer knit version that makes it even softer, but can be prohibitively expensive.)

Why Is Lenzing Modal A Perfect Fabric For Scarves?

Here are some of the reasons why scarves made with Lenzing Modal might become your favorite scarves.

1. Easy to Wear Lenzing Modal is lighter and ensures that you are able to wear a scarf as a fashion or affirmation statement, even during the summer. Unlike most fabrics that block airflow, Lenzing Modal allows breathability.

2. Flexible Scarves made using Lenzing Modal are flexible.  They can be worn around your neck, as a hair covering, used as a hair tie, turned into a shoulder sling or wrap, or simply be used or as a fashion accessory.

3.Ultra-Soft Scarves are worn on some of the most sensitive skin on your body… your neck. Scarves made with lenzing modal are soft to the touch, helping to prevent any skin irritation and making your scarf even more enjoyable to wear.

4.Water Absorbent Lenzing modal scarves quickly absorb and evaporate sweat and water. This enables you to wear a scarves regardless of how hot or humid the weather might be.

5. Eco-Friendly As covered elsewhere in this article, regenerative beech wood is used for producing Modal fabrics. This eco-friendly option is made using fewer chemicals and lets you know that you are making an eco-conscious purchase.

Luxurious Scarves by LOVELEEN

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