What Is An Altar Tray?

Traditionally, an altar tray is a vessel on your Altar, used to hold some kind of offering.

What Kinds of Items Can I Offer On My Altar Tray?

Really anything you would like! It depends how you use your Altar and how you use your tray. In general, an altar tray is used as a place to hold expression of honor, appreciation, gratitude, or care. Whether physical or metaphorical, the offering is placed on the tray. This can be an offering of food, fruits, flowers, money, herbs, spices or incense. Every culture has different things that are used as offerings. If you align with spirituality rather than a particular religion or culture, you can choose things that are sacred for you. It's the intention that matters. An altar tray can also simply be a place to hold a metaphorical offering, represented by visualizing the offering being on the tray.

If I'm Not Making An Offering, How Else Can I Use My Altar Tray?

People will use altar trays to burn candles, incense sticks, and even use them as a decoration tray on the Altar. I often use them to keep crystals on my desk, and even as a display with a small stand. I have them spread all around the home - on nightstand, in the meditation area, on dining table. The intention behind that is to sprinkle Abundance, Prosperity, Harmony and Blessings all around the home. And keep goodies that remind me to express gratitude and stay in the essence of Abundance & Prosperity.

Are There Real-World Examples of Altar Trays Still In Use In Our Modern World?

Examples abound.  Here are just a few:
  • In the Catholic church, typically the priest's communion wafer is set on an altar tray to ensure no part of the communion host (the bread) falls to the ground.
  • If you travel pretty much anywhere in Southeast Asia, you're bound to see examples of daily offerings being made in businesses and homes, to Hindu Gods or to Buddha, offerings that are sent with intentions to bring peace and prosperity to the businesses and homes where those altars are set.
  • In Mexican Culture, a traditional altar is set for Dia de Los Muertos with 6 items: 1. Skulls - Usually made of sugar and symbolizing the sweetness of life, and as reminders of the people who have passed and who are receiving offerings at the altar. 2. Marigolds - because the scent and vibrant orange help bring souls to the altar. 3. Perforated Paper - Holes allow souls to travel through and visit. Delicate paper also serves as a reminder of how fragile life can be. 4. Pan de Muerto (Bread of the Dead) - And not just bread, but also food the person liked when they were living. Water and tequila are also common altar items because souls can be thirsty on arrival. 5. Salt - said to help with the thirst of souls - to quench the thirst. 6. Photographs - so that those who have died might be drawn to the altar so that they can cross over to the land of the dead. It is common to see the salt laid in the shape of a cross on the altar or on an altar tray. Bread is also often placed on an altar tray.

Why are Designs by Loveleen Altar Trays different?

Loveleen Saxena, the artist & founder of Designs by Loveleen, creates every piece of artwork with pen & ink. And intention is a big part of what she creates. Each product, including Altar Trays celebrate a specific intention. And the idea is to remind you to embody and BE that essence. Adding the specific intention to your Altar Space will magnify the inner power & focus to embody it. For example, if you're looking to live with more Abundance, pick the Abundance Altar Tray! Keep crystals or goodies that remind you that you're prosperous, on that tray and keep it on your desk/bedside. The Tray will serve as a visual reminder, a daily nudge to stay focused on your Inner Prosperity and how it's always around you.