The 'I AM' Mantra deck (30 unique affirmations)

Mantras to help you stay focused


**Mantra Deck Refreshed! It includes 12+ new mantras and 3 bonus mantras**
When life gets busy, do you lose track of your goals, desires, or intentions? Worry not, our mini mantra deck is a powerful and beautifully simple tool to guide you towards success. Crafted from recycled t-shirts, each of the 30 unique 'I AM' mantras is adorned with vibrant artwork to inspire and uplift you.

Select the mantra that speaks to you, write your goal or intention on the back, and carry it with you throughout the day. These cards will serve as a powerful reminder of your aspirations, no matter where you are. Whether you place it in your journal, on your bathroom mirror, in your wallet, or on your car's dashboard, these cards will keep you focused and motivated.

Moreover, these cards can also be used as bookmarks, gift tags, or even as a way to spread positivity to others. If you're a coach or healer, these cards are the perfect gift for your clients.

Don't let life's hectic pace get in the way of your dreams. Use this mini mantra deck to stay motivated and focused. You've got this!

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  • 30 unique I AM mantras/affirmations with unique artwork.
  • 2.75″ x 2.75″ flat mini cards on 100% recycled cotton tees
  • irst 150 sets will come packaged in a cute bamboo kraft box
  • Front of each card is a mantra, back has few lines for you to personalize
  • One tree planted for each deck you buy

Unleash Your Power with the 'I AM' Mantra Mini-Deck

Supercharge your personal growth with our pocket-sized deck of 30 inspiring 'I AM' affirmations. Designed to combat doubt and refocus your energy, these vibrant cards will guide you towards your goals and awaken your inner strength.

Become the master of your destiny. Each card is a blank canvas for your aspirations. Write your goals on the back, and let the powerful mantras and captivating artwork serve as your daily motivators.

Inspired by success coaches: This effective technique, used by renowned mentor Bob Proctor, empowers you to take control and achieve remarkable results.

More than just affirmations: Our versatile deck transforms into goal cards, bookmarks, gift tags, or reminders to breathe and reconnect with your intentions. Carry them with you, place them around your home or office - the possibilities are endless!

Sustainable and beautifully crafted: Each card features a unique 'I AM' mantra and stunning artwork by Loveleen Saxena, all printed on recycled cotton tees. It's a gift for your soul and the environment!

The 'I AM' Mantra Mini-Deck: Your constant companion on the path to achieving your dreams. Order yours today and unlock your full potential!

P.S. Want to delve deeper? Watch our video to explore the power behind the 'I AM' mantras!

  • Hand-drawn designs: All patterns originate from Loveleen's hand-drawn doodle - her ritual for meditating on spiritual teachings and expressing them in the form of art
  • Intention Infused: Every product is a beautiful reminder of what you are here to do
  • Earth friendly material + plastic free packaging + one tree planted
  • Limited Edition + Small batch production
  • Free domestic shipping over $100
  • Includes a handwritten personal note. Cleansed with sage & sound bath
  • Wrapped & shipped in an earth-friendly packaging (recycled, recyclable, biodegradable)
  • Shipped via carbon neutral shipping

Customer Reviews

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Karen Faith Gordon

These I AM Mantra cards are a powerful way to share affirmations with yourself and others. As a licensed clinical therapist, I have found these cards to be a beautifully meaningful way for clients to see their self worth and potential. The vibrant colors, the bold affirmations, and the ease of sharing them make this deck invaluable. I enjoy picking an affirmation for myself, and love seeing the joy these affirmations bring to others. This deck is unique in combining exquisite artwork with empowering messages ~ a wonderful way to connect with others!