'I am free & soaring high' scarf (purple/magenta)


This vibrant bird art scarf is a powerful symbol of your inner strength to break free from limiting beliefs, outdated habits, and past paradigms that no longer serve you. It's time to stop settling and start living the life of your dreams.

This luxurious Lenzing Modal scarf is soft, versatile, and planet-friendly. It's a better alternative to silk or polyester, making it cruelty-free too. You can wear it all year round, whether for casual or dressy occasions.

The print on the scarf is inspired by artwork titled "Spreading my wings and soaring high", and it's a powerful reminder that you too can spread your wings and soar high, achieving all your highest goals and purpose.

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  • Fabric: 100% Lenzing Modal (made of beechwood – a plant based eco-friendly fabric)
  • Dimensions – 28″ x 78″ approx.
  • Dry clean only
  • Made in India
  • One tree planted

SOAK this affirmation: "I am free from my limiting beliefs. I am soaring high with confidence & trust."

Why you need this scarf? This luxurious and soft scarf is designed to celebrate the joy of your inner freedom. It's the freedom from your limiting beliefs, outdated habits, past paradigms and everything that doesn't help you grow anymore. The scarf is meant to empower you to become who you're meant to be, living the life you desire, manifesting your goals and purpose with nothing to hold you back.

The intention behind this scarf is to celebrate the freedom and joy that comes with it. Every time you wear it, you'll be reminded to break free from your old stories, past mistakes, and limiting beliefs.

You are already soaring high with confidence and trust, and this scarf will empower you to keep that momentum going. The print on the scarf is inspired by artwork "Spreading my wings and soaring high", and it's a nudge that you too can spread your wings and soar high, achieving all your highest goals and purpose.

    • Hand-drawn designs: All patterns originate from Loveleen's hand-drawn doodle - her ritual for meditating on spiritual teachings and expressing them in the form of art
    • Intention Infused: Every product is a beautiful reminder of what you are here to do
    • Earth friendly material + plastic free packaging + one tree planted
    • Limited Edition + Small batch production
    • Free domestic shipping over $100
    • Includes a handwritten personal note. Cleansed with sage & sound bath
    • Wrapped & shipped in an earth-friendly packaging (recycled, recyclable, biodegradable)
    • Shipped via carbon neutral shipping

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    melanie jarvis

    A year now has passed,looking back at the picture I sent you of me wearing the I soar scarf,and today reading again what and why you designed I soar scarf. The affirmation and the story stood out even more today. I was so drawn to it when you first launched it,wanting insight to colors, and especially so looking forward to the arrival. Every time I where it I feel lifted up in spirit. Along with taking the time to write the affirmation as of today,wearing my scarf, and sitting quietly in my garden. THANK YOU FROM MY HEART,NAMASTE.

    Christi Holcomb

    I'm such a fan! This was given as a gift, and it is one of many products I have! Wrapped up in this beauty is a gentle reminder that the sky is the limit and we are free to soar to new heights always! I wear this one to bring me back to a space full of confidence and freedom. Luxurious, eco-friendly fabric, vibrant colors, and another tree planted! What's not to love!

    Melanie S.

    It feels so very incredible light,airy, and comforting. The pattern and colors make me feel as if I truly am soaring. With grace and self reflection