Spread Joy cards (11 designs)

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Imagine the feeling of receiving a unique, handpicked card that brightens your day. You can spread that same joy to 11 unique souls with these art cards.
The set has 11 unique doodles inspired by nature, sacred geometry, birds, and flowers. You can snail mail them as they are, color them before sending, or frame them to create a gallery wall.
Make this set yours and bring joy to those around you!

- Includes 11 unique coloring art cards
- Cards: 5.125" cards on 100% recycled paper, envelopes included
- Logo and space to write your message on back

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Intention: I am JOY

Imagine the Joy you feel when you receive a card in your mailbox, but not just any card. A card that feels like it's from your best friend or someone who cherishes and loves you. A card that is as unique as you are, handpicked, colored, and contains a heartfelt note written by hand to make your day.

Now, imagine being able to give that same feeling to 11 unique souls in your life. That's precisely what these unique art cards are designed to do. They help you spread joy and kindness while making someone's day and reminding them they are part of a beautiful universe and a particular tribe.

The set has 11 unique doodles that are inspired by nature, sacred geometry, birds, and flowers, a download from the universe itself. No pre-planning or designing was involved in bringing these cards to life, making them even more special.

You can use these art cards in three ways: snail mail them as they are, color them before sending, or frame them and create a gallery wall in your office or home. By choosing to send them to 11 special people in your life, you're spreading kindness and joy, creating a ripple effect that will benefit everyone who receives them. Shop this set today and start spreading joy!

    • Hand-drawn designs: All patterns originate from Loveleen's hand-drawn doodle - her ritual for meditating on spiritual teachings and expressing them in the form of art
    • Intention Infused: Every product is a beautiful reminder of what you are here to do
    • Earth friendly material + plastic free packaging + one tree planted
    • Limited Edition + Small batch production
    • Free domestic shipping over $100
    • Includes a handwritten personal note. Cleansed with sage & sound bath
    • Wrapped & shipped in an earth-friendly packaging (recycled, recyclable, biodegradable)
    • Shipped via carbon neutral shipping