We recently bought a house in the suburbs. It is a new  construction and I tell you, these days all new houses built by developers  pretty much look the same a.k.a boring!. So my goal is decorate it in a way it truly represents us as individuals and also our relationship. 

So what represents us you may ask?

If I were to describe in a few words, it would be – down to earth, dynamic, calm, cheerful and harmonious.  While each room will be unique in terms of usage and its underlying concept, each space will flow freely into the other
through a play of colors, textures and materials. The energy in each room will be an embodiment of what that space is intended to do. Earthy tones will be highlighted with accent colors. Use of colors will be to balance chakras and energies. Spaces will be dynamic so they can to adapt to changes in our lives. Overall feel of our home will be calm and peaceful, yet playful and energetic. Our home will be a celebration of us and our lives. 
When it comes to interior styles, fortunately both my husband and I love modern styles with a hint of rustic/eclectic feel. So you will see clean lines and simple details. We both DO NOT like spending a fortune on furniture pieces.  So many old furniture pieces will be up cycled and many of the new items will have recycled materials. We both love making things on our own so you will be seeing a lot of projects done at home :o)

 I am super excited as this is our time for learning, unlearning, experimenting, creating and most importantly enjoying this whole journey!