What is left of me….


If you take my name away
If you take my education away
If you take my job, knowledge and skills away

If you cut my credit card and my social security card
If you burn my house, my clothes, my car
If you throw away my shoes, my bags, my phone and every penny I got

What is left of me?



  Yet everything.

The naked me, the vulnerable me, the open me
The scared me and the courageous me
The compassionate and kind me
The lover me and the beloved me
The powerful yet powerless me
The cheerful and at times cranky me

The me that is trying to live up to the me that you accept
The me that is dying to break away, to break free
The me that is wanting to soar high


What is left of me is the real ME.

I want that ME back….I want that ME back.