Eventbrite - Quiet your mind - 2 hour silent session

​Holiday season can be a bit stressful, isn't it?
Work deadlines to meet before Christmas vacation....
Shopping to be done before the family arrives....
House to be cleaned....
Wrapping all the gifts before Christmas Eve....
So many things and distractions that we start running around like a lost puppy!
And where does that lead us? More stressedoverwhelmed and tired and not looking forward to the holidays.But what if it could be different?
What if you could find a way to transform this pre-holiday "craziness" into a gentle breeze.
What if for 2 hours you could be in complete silence.
What if you could forget EVERYTHING and JUST RELAX , for a couple hours and enjoy the stillness.Imagine this.
You're taking some well-deserved downtime to indulge in self-care without any outside distraction.
You're enjoying the coziness of a home minus the to-do list and dishes to do.
You're recharging your body and mind so you're ready to battle your to-do list, wonder-woman style.
Right here in the suburbs.
Sounds wonderful, doesn't it!
Well, that's what my vision is. To facilitate a Downtime Silent Session and to quiet your mind right here in the suburbs.​In this 2-hour session, you get to step out of your "doing" mode and step into just "being".
You get to disconnect from the technology and be in a space where you can do what your heart needs at that moment to bring in the peace. You get to choose whether to have a cup of tea or just sit back and look at the sky.
The two hours will include:
- 5 minute intro (before we go into silence)
- 15 minute beginning stretching + meditation (guided)
- 1 hour of drawing + journaling to express your inner thoughts
- 20 minutes of connecting with nature
- 20 minutes of closing meditation and breaking the silence with a heartful discussion
Engaging your body and mind in all of this will help you to go inwards and experience relaxation and stillness.
After these 2 hours you will take away with you a peaceful mind and a joyful heart.
So if you're ready to RELAX and RECHARGE and conquer the "pre-holiday stress", try it out! Come by yourself or bring a friend. And experience the silence and stillness right here in the burbs.
- Tea and vegan munchies will be provided. You can bring your own too!
- You will be silent for a couple hours. So you will be asked to put your phone on silence too.
- We will be guiding the stretch and meditation. If you have any question, you can write it down for us!
- If there's a fun project that helps you relax, feel free to bring it for your creative time.
- This is a ladies only event :)