Our tour of North Island ended with an amazing cruise from North to South Island on October 25th. For two hours or so we just relaxed in the ship, sipped coffee and soaked in more views of hills, mountains, the sea and little islands. It didn't matter anymore that our morning cruise got cancelled and we had to wait for almost half a day to get to the newly scheduled cruise. I think that is one thing that we both have learned to implement since we started our journey....to enjoy in the midst of hiccups like these :)
We planned to spend our next four days with two beautiful souls of Takaka - Marius and Jeltje. Universe works in strange ways, doesn't it? A year ago, I did not know Marius and Jeltje and definitely had not idea there exists a little town called Takaka in this world! And here we were - all the way from Houston - in Takaka and staying with the two most lovely people....the treasures of Takaka!! I am in awe of the mysterious ways our universe works. 
Have you ever walked into a place and felt nothing but complete harmony, joy and peace? Where only things that exist are laughter, love and good vibrations? Well, that is how I felt in the home of our lovely hosts. I feel blessed to have spend time with both Marius and Jeltje - their love and friendship for each other is an inspiration. And they know how to enjoy each and every moment of their life....or should I say, they know how to make each and every moment enjoyable! Never ever have I seen such harmony and love in a relationship.
Their beautiful house sits on a hill that is surrounded by trees and yet again - more beautiful views of other hills. The house is simple and architecturally perfect as the design completely takes into account the weather, the sun, the topogarphy, the views and their respect for everything around it. It reflects the love that they have poured into building it and nurturing it. And the backyard....it is just amazing! The landscape design is organic and it seamlessly uses boulders, symbols, crystals and knick knacks into creating an outdoor space that is a treasure to enjoy rain or shine. The chirping of birds makes sitting outside in the morning even more special.
Last but not the least is their Gong Room. Before I get any further into explaining about this special room....just a little background of how Marius and Jeltje  enjoy their life :o) They both are Spiritual Healers - specializing in various areas of alternative healing methods. No they were not always healers....they were like most of us - working in the corporate world until one day they decided to do what makes their heart sing (as Jeltje says :o)).
Marius performs Personal and Space Energy Clearings and Jeltje is the Soul Realignment Practitioner along with the website designer for their own practice as well as other healing businesses. In addition, they both are Gong Masters. They use gongs, Tibetan bowls, didgeridoo, buffalo drums, Native American flutes and more instruments to create pure and beautiful sounds that bring all our organs, chakras and tissues in tune and in harmony. Marius and Jeltje were kind enough to give us a little demonstration by playing these instruments and it left us both speechless. Their Gong Room is a hexagon building constructed out of wood and is acoustically perfect for Gong concerts. Simple and perfect. The vibration that we felt while they played these instruments cannot be explained in words. We both are looking forward to attending their upcoming concert in Christchurch!
I have been lucky to have done Energy Clearing, Sound Healing and Space Clearing sessions with Marius and every time I have been amazed at the results. If you are curious to know what these healing methods are, their website gives a very detailed explanation of how it works and how it can help. And if you are subconsciously ready to live in harmony with your authentic self - well, you will know what to do :o) Here is a link to their website - www.soulharmonicz.co.nz
In the end, I just want to say thanks to both Marius and Jeltje for making our stay in Takaka a memorable one. Those four days will stay with us forever....thanks for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with us and a bigger thanks for making us feel home!
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