3 Ways to Style a Kimono

Hey Divine being!
Did you enjoy the 1st video on Conscious Styling tips with Amanda?
If you’re like, I’ve no idea what you’re talking about, head over here.
Amanda is a conscious stylist & confidence catalyst.
She helps women gain more confidence by elevating their style.
She doesn't focus on external beauty though!
She guides women to uncover their inner light while working on up-leveling their style and confidence.
If you thought fashion has nothing to do with spirituality, she’ll shift your mindset.
Amanda and I have created this mini-series to share tips on styling my kimonos and scarves.
Because we could use creative tips to wear these bold, colorful, statement pieces!

In today’s video she’s sharing 3 more ways to style one of my kimonos.

3 types of looks she shares are:
1. Weekend look – casual and creative
2. A 9-5 office look – for a more professional yet fun vibe
3. An evening look – think cocktail hour, girls evening, a date-nightWhat makes my kimonos unique is they’re designed to celebrate our Divine essence.
They’re colorful, flowy and even eco-friendly!This kimono is different in length, pattern and overall look than the one we share last week.
And I LOVE how Amanda styled it! 

Styling Kimonos

Once you’ve watched the video, tell me – which look is your favorite? 
Mine is #2 look.
And do subscribe to my channel if you love mindfulness doodling along with styling tips :)Happy high-vibe styling!Loveleenp.s Enjoy a 20% off on my kimonos when you get on Amanda’s list
p.p.s. Inspired to add some kimonos to your wardrobe? Shop these beauties below!