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​The day you say NO to the life that you don’t want.…
You can start LIVING the life that you really want.Will it be easy?
No, it w
Because the self-appointed CEO of your life a.k.a your ego will start throwing a fit.

For most of your life, your ego has been calling the shots. It's been pretty much dictating and shaping you. 

And now...your NO is threatening it's existence. It knows. And it's terrified. Because if you learn to say NO, your ego will not be in control of your dreams, your thoughts, your habits and EVERYTHING that brings you pure joy.
So your ego will act up. It'll 
make up stories of "what-if's" and "how could's". It'll create scenarios of failures, loss, shame and guilt. And you might even start getting breakouts and other physical symptoms (talking from personal experience here).Your ego will be loud. Like that annoying song you can't get out of your head...for days.It'll scare you to a degree that
you’ll again succumb to the familiar, to the known, EVEN IF it does not serve your higher purpose. Your ego is not your enemy. It just wants you to be safe, secure and comfortable. That's it's job. And it doesn't care if this safety and comfort comes at the expense of your true joy, your Soul's calling.But one day, your ego's drama will come to an end.
Because one day...

Your determination to live & breathe your purpose will be so unshakable that you'll gather the courage to say NO.
Your hunger to express your authentic self will be so deep that you'll find the strength to say NO.
Your Soul's call for freedom will be so intense that you'll fight like a warrior to say NO.
And that day you’ll start to come alive....that beautiful day you’ll REALLY start to come alive.  
And for that day...
You must keep learning to say NO.
​You must keep fighting to say NO.
You must keep trying to say NO.
You must.
~be love~be you~

p.s: If you're still struggling with saying no (most of us always are :) feel free to print the affirmation above & keep it handy!