the day I said NO to the life I do not want....
I started living the life I really want.
Was it easy? No, it was not.
 My ego has had such a strong hold on me for years that it was was terrified to no longer be in control of my dreams, my Self, my Spirit and everything that it knows will bring me pure joy. It wanted to instill in me the fear of unknown, to a degree that I succumb to the familiar, to the known, even if it does not serve my higher purpose, even if it provides me the comfort and security at the expense of my Soul.
It started it's usual drama.
But it failed....this time it did. Because this time, my Soul's hunger to find it's path was so strong, so intense, it gave my Self the courage to say NO. That day my Self started to LIVE....that beautiful day I started to LIVE. 
No shame, no guilt, no regrets this time!

For anyone out there, who understands what I am saying, take the plunge this time, say NO to your will all turn out ok!