Coffee/tea plantations and rice paddies are everywhere in west of Bali. Jatiluwih - the most beautiful rice terraces in west Bali. It is UNESCO recognized as world heritage site. The rice paddies spread across for miles and they were bright green and beautiful. We strolled in these fields, watched farmers work in the farms and perform their daily rituals. It was spectacular!
Bali is also famous for Luwak coffee - Luwak being the mongoose who eats coffee beans....beans are not digested but do go through some chemical process in their tummy and then finally comes out. Farmers collected those poop covered coffee beans every morning and after cleaning, roast and grind them. It is said the coffee has much stronger taste and aroma (of course). So we decided to taste this coffee....what can I say. It was strong for sure but both of us are not a big fan of black coffee. One thing, if you are a luwak, better be born in Indonesia! At least you will be taken care of....hopefully they are at least paid minimum wage for putting in so much work everyday! But it was sad to see that these coffee plantations have few of the mongoose in cages - for display. They are not show pieces and definitely not meant to be in cages! None of these animals are. Right?
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