What do you do with  all those photo frames that are sitting in our closet because you never get time to get your photos printed?? You repurpose them into a unique piece of art! :=)That is what I did with these two (of many) old frames....they were dying to be displayed on the shelf but I get really lazy when it comes to selecting photos for print. So one fine day, I cleaned the dust off them and decided to paint them. Brilliant!
Honestly, it is a very simple DIY project but you will love the results! Gold and black have been my favorite colors lately and so I decided to use a combination of these two colors....they just adds so much glam to anything! 
For first frame, I chose gold for the frame and black for the backing. And added a little art to the black backing :o)
The second frame - same color combination but the added texture to the backing by gluing aluminum foil and painting it. Love the texture that came out!
I am so excited about experimenting with other frames I have. You should do....if you have any frames lying at your home, or if you are bored with how they look, experiment!! There are so many different things you can do! It is simple and you will pat your back once you are done :D