No game drive is complete without the viewing of big cats. If you see a few jeeps lined up in the national park, you know what they are looking at - of course the big cats! Our game drives in Masai Mara were very exciting for the same reason.
The first game drive, we witnessed a cheetah few feet away from the jeep, eating away a poor antelope. Blood all over his face, heavily breathing, this guy could not move! Well, after hogging on 50 pounds of raw meat, what else can you expect? Cheetahs are usually very shy and hunt by themselves. Their body is built for speed but strength wise they are way behind lions and leopards. That is the reason they tend to eat their kill as quick as possible so no other predator can come and steal their meal. Fascinating!
And the next day was even more special. The lovemaking of King of the jungle was quiet a sight. The best thing about Mr. Lion was he did not care about anything! He was least bothered about fifty jeeps standing right there while they were in the act. Height of paparazzi! And what is also amazing is their attitude. Did you know lions sleep 20hours everyday and the rest 4 hours are spent in hunting....and well its the job of lioness to hunt and feed the king and the cubs. Main job of male lion is to protect his territory. That's it! And the way they is the most hilarious thing to watch. When they sleep, it is like the world does not exist anymore. Cars come and go, people talk, engines run but they do not even blink.
Leopards are the most difficult to see and unfortunately we did not see any in Masai Mara. And did I mention, Masai Mara is one of the large national reserves in Kenya, and joins Serengeti in Tanzania. It is famous of the annual immigration of zebras and wildebeests from Serengeti to Mara.
We took hundreds of photographs of these big cats and I am sharing a few below. They are the most ferocious yet beautiful creatures.
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