One of the gems of South Island West Coast is the Franz Josef Glacier. It was an incredible experience hiking to the base of the glacier on one day and seeing it from a distance and then the next day fly over it and do the real glacier hike. The massive nature of glaciers, their history, with the backdrop of mountains made it all memorable. The extent these glaciers have receded in past years due to global warming and climate change is shocking and sad....I can only imagine what would it be like to hike it when they were in their original grandeur. And chances are our next generation might not be able to see much of these glaciers.
Walking on ice is not easy at all! The tour guide was checking each and every thing. The glaciers move every day and the same spot is totally different next day. It is very easy to slip and fall into little gaps ice make if you are not careful. Fortunately, we both did succeed in hiking with no slips or fall....phew! :) Overall one of the most unique hikes we have done so far....glad weather cleared up and made it all possible!
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