The entrance foyer of our house has a 25' high wall....I wanted to add the wow factor as soon as you enter the house (who doesn't right!). At the same time I wanted to follow the ideas we had for our entire house without making it too crowded. Adding a sculpture on the triangular pedestal was an obvious choice and we both loved the one we bought. It was both modern and earthy. I loved this decal with branches and turquiose birds and thought that would make this area look complete. Well, was not too happy with the end product! So that's how began the process of re-conceptualising this space. A number of sketches and color options later we had a breakthrough :) We decided on adding chocolate brown as an accent color. Idea was to add a dramatic contrast against the neutral wall while keeping the turquiose birds still the highlight. The staircase design helped breaking the same contrast we wanted to create. Taping the wall was challenging! But all the hard work paid off :) We both love love love the end result! What do you think?