Our entry corridor is long and has a huge wall painted in beige, really boring. This corridor is a transition space as we can see the living room view behind it. I wanted to visually break this wall into smaller sections and add some texture/color but not make it overwhelming. While going thru the concepts, researching on what I want, I came across these fabulous Wall Flat panels by www.inhabitliving.com. I fell totally in love with these! Not because I knew having these on our entry wall would add a lot of character and depth, but on top of these the panels are made from bagasse so they are completely biodegradable and environment friendly!!!! And they are super light too!!!!

I picked Tierra Wall Flats - why? Because for me the waves in these wall flats represents the flow of our life. They are organic yet structured, and that is exactly what I wanted :o) Installing these was not an easy job....not because the panels are difficult to install, but because my concept made it so :o) But the end result made all this hard work worth it. Sharing the pictures of entire process....it ended up being a family bonding time because my brothers and my (soon to be) sis-in-law came down from northeast and helped us finish it :) Big thanks and hugs to them and ofcourse to my sweetheart husband who is all over in the pics below!