The time seems to have slowed down. We wake up to the sound of birds, roosters, cows and dogs. It is still dark outside. The breeze is nice and cool. We just stand outside in the balcony and listen to the sounds of nature. It is beautiful. There is no noise of cars driving by. There is no sight of people rushing to get their first cup of morning coffee or to drop off their kids to school. We hardly see anyone outside. This has a typical day for us since we landed in Fiji. It seems like everyone and everything is done in slow motion in this beautiful island . No hurry whatsoever! And I am not talking about tourists who have come here to relax or explore the island. I am talking about the locals....people, birds, dogs, cats, you name it. It is amazing how we both lost a track of time in a matter of hours after landing in Fiji. And we are definitely not complaining!
It was late morning on our second day in Nadi when we decided to go to the local market. I remember late mornings in a big city like Houston....everyone running around, stuck in traffic-sometimes irritated, sometimes angry and rarely smiling. And here in Fiji, we saw women sitting on benches, chatting, hugging, smiling. Men standing at junctions having a serious discussion about something. It is definitely not the sight we are used to. All I can feels nice. It feels nice to see people actually starting their mornings at such a calm and slow pace. After all, what is the rush? Whatever we choose to run after will be here tomorrow and the day after. Our stress, anxiety, panic will not bring it nearer. So why not take a deep breath and just relax! And enjoy your time the Fijian way!
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