Because since past few months I have become obsessed with recycling/up-cycling and reusing things....yes I should have started long long back but you know, its better late than never  :o)

One of the things I noticed is how many glass bottles we  end  up  purchasing every month!  I  asked myself....why can't I use these and transform these into  a piece of art and also help reducing waste generated every day? After all  art does not have to limit itself to canvas and paper does it? And today, be it beer, wine or a soda bottle....I can't seem to just throw these away! I try to recycle as much as I can and rest I plan to reuse and upcycle :o)
So why am I doing it?? It is my little contribution to help our Mother Earth. And I hope one day my BottleART pieces will help increase awareness of how  reusing/up-cycling/re-purposing small things  can help us in a big big way.