Jomar Visions Fine Art gallery  is having "Art in the making" exhibit starting January 9th, 2016 thru January 22nd, 2016.  During the gallery opening, guests, collectors and art lovers can walk around the gallery and watch artists creating their art. In Jomar visions words....

"Guests and collectors LOVE watching artists create their works, get involved in the process and see the magic of something truly beautiful and unique come alive in front of them. "

What a wonderful  event  and I am excited to be a part of it! I will have a wall that showcases my work plus you can see me in action! 

Opening reception: January 9th, 3pm-7pm
Closing reception: January 22nd,  7pm-10pm
Location:   JoMar Visions Studios at Northwest Crossing,
   5247-5249 Langfield Road, Houston, TX-77040

Picture credit -  Jomar Visions