Home made paranthas, fried karela, besan laddoos and lots of mithai....parent's visit is never complete without some of this heavenly goodness :D Four  days spent with them in Bangkok was a bliss. We walked, talked, laughed, shopped, ate, visited temples, got a massage, watched theater, went to floating market and spent a day in Pattaya. It all went really fast....and it was a welcomed change from living in backpacker hostels for sure. And it was even more special because after so many years I was celebrating mom dad's anniversary with them!
Sometimes we feel we don't tell them enough how much we love them and appreciate what they have done for us. We are where we are not just because of us but because of their love, hard work and support. As a kid we used to take so many things for granted, used to get angry when things didn't go our way....but we never thought how hard parenting is!
So as this year comes to a close, we both want to thank our parents for everything....we feel very blessed and grateful to be a part of you. The love that you have always showered upon us, we always pray your life be filled with immense love, light, health and joy. We love you!
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