When I asked my email tribe, what kind of content they'd like me to share, one of the top items was styling and home décor tips ?
So I've been brainstorming some ideas!
Basically walking around our home and noticing how I decorate and style up our space.
Though my choices of furniture, colors & textures keeps evolving, I do notice a pattern throughout our home.
And the kind of little trinkets/goodies I sprinkle all around.
So I thought I'll start sharing bit by bit what I do! ?
My hope is these tips/videos open up your creative channel.
And let your unique ideas flow through.
After all our home is an outer reflection of who we are and who we desire to be ?
So here you go...my first video on how to elevate your me-space!
(Don't mind the not-so-good quality of the video, one day I'll have a pro-videographer taking these)
[video width="1920" height="1080" mp4="http://www.loveleensaxena.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/Home-decor-styling-video-1.mp4"][/video]
Btw, if you're on social media, you might have seen it already.
I did add a few steps that might be helpful, so give it a watch!
Much love, 

Wanna shop this look? Here are few goodies you see in the video:
1. Accent pillows - blooming boldly pillow, cuddle joy pillow and love language pillow
2. Flower inspired table napkin
3. Crystals by Blessed Crystal Co. 
4. Ocean inspired journal
5. Book I'm reading - Science of Getting Rich
6. Throw + metal sculpture + Oolong tea are gifts we received
7. Other goodies we've owned for a long time
8. Couch, rug and side table are from Wayfair + World Market + Ikea
p.s Here are the steps I share in this video:
STEP 1: Pick a space which you want to claim as your me-space. 
Is it a corner in the dining room?
Or a nook in your living space?
Maybe your closet?
(Skip this step if you already have a space you want to elevate)
STEP 2: Set an intention for that space.
Ask yourself:
a. What essence do I want this space to help me embody?
Is it Joy? Peace? Creativity? Something else?
b. How do I want this space to make me feel?
Calm? Recharged? Playful?
STEP 3: Make a list!
List goodies that you want to have in your me-space! Things that'll help you embody that essence.
If you want to unleash your creativity in that space, maybe you need a table/chair and some supplies.
If you want to relax, it could be a space to lie down, a throw to feel cozy.
You get to decide :)
STEP 4: Go on a scavenger hunt around your home.
Before shopping new stuff, see what you already got!
Take a stroll in your home, and gather goodies that will be perfect for your me-space.
Grab things that bring up good memories or stories & colors that will spark that intention.
STEP 5: It's time to play!!!!!!!!
This is the most fun part. Here are your play guidelines:
- trust your gut
- break the rules
- find new use!
You are the king/queen of that space. So DO YOU.