I'm running behind this year.
Usually, by Jan 3rd I have my whole year mapped out.
This year....feels different.
My Soul has been sending me nudges to slow down and trust more.
Not get caught up in the hustle of setting intention, declaring my word and reviewing my 2021.
And be OK with  not announcing  it on social - how my year was and all the things I'm planning this year.
OMG it's been quiet challenging to do that!!! 
The discomfort. The restlessness. The anxiety of feeling left behind.
So real and yucky.
Yet I am so grateful for the awareness.
The tools I've to navigate this discomfort.
And the new tips I uncovered on how to slow down even when the mind is running at 100 mph...
So I thought, why not share it with you!
Here are 3 tips that'll make slowing down easier for you:
1. Stop the struggle. 
Trying to force your mind to stop running is like trying to fold a fitted sheet by yourself perfectly.
Only few Souls on this planet can do that
So let your mind just be.
Allow it to run the mental to-do's. You just stop forcing it to stop. Eventually it'll get tired or bored.
2.  Block the time.
This tip from my mentor really helped me. Block a time/day when you'll download all the to-do's etc. It'll put your mind to ease, knowing you're not ignoring it
3.  Engage in your slow-down activity AND make it more challenging. 
If you go for a 20 minute walk around the neighborhood, go for a 30 minute walk in a new park.
If you cook to relax your mind, trying a new recipe.
If you do 5 minutes of deep breathing, try 7 minutes.
Break the pattern.
When you do that, you feed new information to your brain. 

Newness challenges your mind.
And it doesn't have time to get thinky thinky 

Number 3. was a biggie for me these past few weeks..
I realized this when the daily doodling & walking wasn't really helping me slow down.
But, when I extended my walk time & went to a new park, I noticed how easy it was for my mind to feel relaxed.
The new scenery, new walking path, it gave my mind a new thing to observe & absorb.
I tried the same by extending my doodle time. And it worked!
Here's a doodling video for you, if you need inspiration :)

Here's the thing: our mind loves patterns. Patterns create comfort. And comfort makes it easier for mind to get thinky thinky. Catch-22.
So....if slowing down is challenging for you, give these tips a try. 
They worked for me so I'm curious to know if they helped you too.
Leave a comment below & share your experience!